How do they compare?   

Wise Owl Legal as an alternative to Cabenet:  

Organise your legal practice with Wise Owl Legal

Meet a customisable, user friendly, intuitive, legal practice management software that outsides Leap Legal and saves you money. 

On this page, we compare the key differences between Cabenet and Wise Owl Legal focusing on features and user experience.  By examining these aspects side by side, we’ll provide you with your insights needed to choose the best practice management software that aligns with your team’s requirements.

Why look for a Cabenet alternative in the first place?

    • You want software that moves with the current technological advancements
    • You want existing and known browser functionality
    • You want integration between your legal practice management and your accounting software e.g. QBO or Xero
    • You want clear and concise help and easily accessed support
    • You want a Cabenet Alternative that helps you Manage and Organise your work for maximum results

Get the best out of your Practice Management software! Wise Owl Legal is a Cabenet alternative offering more intuitive options for the way you work. With modern browser functionality built-in, Clients say that Wise Owl was the easiest software for them to learn.

This page is from a review of version xxx on <date> of Cabenet Software.

Benefits of Wise Owl Legal compared to Cabenet

Matter Management
Contact Management
Document Management
Email Management
eSigning & eWitnessing
Safe Custody
Time recording
Fixed Fee Billing
Clock timer
for Time recording
Trust Accounting
Cloud product
General Ledger
Cloud platform
Traditional ; Side menu and tabs across top
Matter Details instead of ReLines or name; Address for client on matter;
One contact per matter; No separate contact list
Ingtegration to One Drive, One Note, Microsoft ToDo
Email directly from a matter via outlook.
Called Registered items on Matter (not contact) This could be a problem if you archive a matter
Basic functionality
Based on 6 minute units
Available from Matter
Functionality of Trust accounting is within software but will not save a reconciliation in progress ; Limited ability to reproduce full year reports for audit convenience
Knowledge base available;
Support available via request form
Request a phone call form
Contact portal
Cloud system
Integrated within Cabenet System, Limited reporting to extract data
Based on size of firm between 1-3 OR 4-9 OR 10-18 users
Ask Cabenet Support Question & Answer library;
Help library / knowledgebase
Wise Owl Legal
Enjoy the flexibility of working on eihter Windows or Mac and the convenience of being able to view your work from most devices
Designed Specifically for cloud system; Intuitive
Matter name ; Three Re Lines; Abbreviated Matter Name
Full Contact Management for clients, Additional Contacts on Matter and other side. Awesome for conflict checking.
Very powerful; merges directly to MS Word
Email direct from outlook save to Wise Owl; Email direct from Wise Owl
Available with Docu Sign
Based on packets that are held on behalf of clients; Not related to matters.
Very powerful. Fully compliant and customisable Feeds into QuickBooks or Xero
Based on YOUR CHOICE of hours OR 1 OR 6 OR 10 OR 15 minute units. Can be set differently for each fee earner
Straight Forward ; fully flexible; very powerful
Coming in late 2023
Fully compliant trust accounting with ability to save reconciliations in progress and all terminology in plain english so you don’t need an accounting degree to reconcile!
Extensive, page specific Knowledge Base; 4 hour turnaround on email support; Phone support available
Cloud system, no workstation installation
Integrates directly with QuickBooks or Xero so your Accountant can stay away from your practice management and prepare your external financials in a system they are familiar with .
Based on simultaneous users ; No minimum or maxium number of users
Extremely helpful
Context sensitive help;
Extensive library of diagrams, videos and FAQ's
Updated Regularly