Action Step

Action Step is a Cloud based Software that encourages users to build their own add on modules.  It was initally built as project management software and adapted for the legal industry.

ActionStep now owns File Pro and Law Master.  It purchased Mattero, which closes in December 2023.

Actionstep plans to accelerate the expansion of its boutique and mixed-practice law firm customer base internationally. Since September 2020, when Actionstep announced an investment from growth-oriented private equity firm, Serent Capital, the company has nearly tripled its headcount through organic growth and acquisition and invested in numerous key product developments.”

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ATOM is a Cloud based Software sold to Dye Durham (formerely SAI Global)  It includes a back end general ledger and Australian payroll.

It is unusual for a legal practice management provider to venture into the specialist complexities of payroll.

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Cabenet is a Cloud based software with a traditional look and feel.  It tracks the contact details as part of the matter.

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Clio Manage is a powerful practice managmenet software that is flexibile, integrates with many tools and has an open API.   It is based in Canada.  There are many features  in the trust accounting that still need to be tweaked before receiving audit approval.

Clio is a cloud-based software platform designed for law firms and legal professionals to help them manage various aspects of their practice. It is known as a practice management software and offers a range of features and tools to streamline law firm operations.

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File Pro is matter based software that is charged to the law firm as a price per file.  This is more attractive to firms working with large files of high value.

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Law Master 

LawMaster hs been purchased by ActionStep

Law Master is focusses on larger law firms.  It has recently been purchased by Action Step.

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Leap Legal 

Leap Legal offers a primarily PC-based experience with a companion cloud-based app.  It includes billing, case management and a limited number of integrations.  It has extensive document and email management stored within the application.

As of September 2021, Leap Legal Software is a company that provides software solutions for law firms and legal professionals. They offer a range of software products designed to streamline various aspects of legal practice management, document automation, and client communication. Here are some key features and aspects associated with Leap Legal Software.

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Lexis Affinity

Lexis Affinity is server based software that runs on a traditional work station installation with few integrations and very clunky bank feeds.  It has built-in  billing and accounting features.  End of month processes need to be run before beginning processing in the new month.

Lexis Affinity is a practice management software solution designed for law firms and legal professionals. It is developed by LexisNexis, a leading provider of legal, regulatory, and business information. Lexis Affinity is designed to help law firms streamline their operations, manage their cases and clients, and improve overall efficiency.

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    PC Law   

    PCLaw is designed for Windows desktop with built-in billing and accounting feautres and basic case management.  PC Law is no longer supported by Lexis Nexis who bought it in 2007.

    PC Law was first written in 1982 as a university project. It saw very proactive evolution under its original owners, Alumni Computer Group.

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    Purchased by ActionStep; terminating December 2023.

    Mattero is a cloud based software, with stong document tempate and creation abilities.  Unfortunately it has been purchased by Action Step and Sunsetted in June 2023 with a termination date of December 2023.

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      SILQ is a Windows based system with various add ons. 

      Whilst being browser based, you can only open it on one tab of your browser.  It has limited custom fields and limited ability to access historic trust reporting.  It was originally built for Barristers and has been adapted to serve the remainder of the legal profession.  Silq accounting integration is with MYOB, QuickBooks Online, Receipt Bank or Xero.   

      Precedents are available at additional fees.

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      Smokeball is a part Windows based system with some cloud components.  It requires a workstation installation on a Windows computer.   Its accounting integration is with MYOB or Xero.   Custom fields are pre-determined with out flexibility.

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      Wise Owl Legal

      Wise Owl Legal is a true cloud based practice management system with 2 factor authentication for maximum security. 

      Wise Owl Legal is compatible with Windows or Apple environments.  It has best of breed document automation and template creation with unlimited custom fields available.  your can use multiple tabs to access multiple parts of the program similtaneously.

      Onshore support for BOTH Australia and North America is provided by system experts and an every growing extensive help library is included.  The accounting integration is with QuickBooks Online or Xero.  No Fixed Term Contracts.

      NSW Law Society issued Certificate No 12 for Trust Accounting Compliance.

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