Let Wise Owl Legal manage your business while you get on with the Business of Law


Wise Owl Legal is a truly cloud product.  To keep your data safe it uses 2 factor authentication to log on.

Trust Accounting

Wise Owl Legal Law Practice Management Software provides complete Trust Accounting for Law Firms.

Wise Owl Legal is compliant with the Australian Legal Profession Act (2007).  Wise Owl Legal Trust accounting software has been certified by the New South Wales Law Society, who have issued Certificate No 12 after examining the trust accounting module.

This empowers you, the lawyer, to know that your business is compliant with all the requirements of your local law society.

Wise Owl Legal Software is a a legal billing software that incorporates all the features you have come to expect, plus more, including:

  • Computer generated receipts and cheques with customisable formats;
  • Compliant trust reversal functions for the unforeseen error in your data entry;
  • Easy to read reports;
  • Extensive Online help system that provides written, diagrammatic and video help articles;
  • Slice and dice search facilities to search transactions by matter or by data;
  • State of the art bank reconciliation, that uses plain English to decipher all the accounting jargon;
  • Accounts for controlled money and power money; 
  • A transit register for transit money; and 
  • The ability to protect trust funds. 

You can access the trust accounting features from both the trust accounting icon, or from within the matter you are working on. 


Wise Owl Legal Tracks your contacts so you have everything at your fingertips. 

Wise Owl Legal Contacts Module, tracks your clients of course, but everyone else too, including the other side of your matter, the other law firms you need to interact with, government agencies and so much more.   You can nominate custom fields across all of your contacts so your team capture everything that is important to you.  

You can have multiple addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Wise Owl Legal’s ability to add customisations allows you to keep absolutely everything about your clients and other contacts in one place. 


Wise Owl Legal Matters

Wise Owl Legal Matters will quickly become the heart and soul of your business.  You can have as many clients on a matter as you want.  Once you have nominated the primary client, you can then write to just one client or multiple clients in a single step.

There is no limit to the custom fields you can have in Wise Owl Legal Practice Management Software.  It is the ultimate solution for the busy lawyer.

From within the matter you can action everything you need including 

  • Trust accounting 
  • Creation of letters and forms
  • Updating of work flow
  • Reviewing document relevant to this matter
  • Time and fee recording 
  • Status updates on your matter
  • Generation of invoices 
  • Receiving of money

Time and Fees

The time and fees module of Wise Owl Legal is very powerful.

Time can be recorded as hours, minutes, or units of any number of minutes. By default, the system is set to record time in 6-minute units, however, this can be changed easily. Each fee earner can choose the units they want to record time in.

Fixed fees are easy to set up and use.  You can have unlimited fixed fees with preset rates.

Time and fees can be recorded by the author logged in or by an assistant.

The productivity statistics from time and fees is then tracked as time/fees recorded; time/fees billed and time/fees collected


The Wise Owl Documents module provides the law firm with timesaving automations that will merge the repetitive information into your custom templates.

The thing that sets Wise Owl documents apart is the level of customisation available for law firms.  Each type of law has its own custom fields.  You can

  • use the custom fields we have set up or 
  • You can start from our generic fields and request additional fields specific to your firm
  • You can request custom fields specific to your firm and your particular needs. 

Template packs are available for many jurisdictions.  The list is ever expanding.

The documents use data stored in your Wise Owl matters, and merge into a word document for you to wordsmith and finalise for your specific requirements.  The merged document is saved into the specific matter’s folder for easy reference.

Email us on [email protected] for a complete list of templates available for your jurisdiction. 


Workflow is Wise Owl Legal’s newest module.  Work flow allows you to track tasks and events for the files you are responsible for.

Finance - Time & Fees, Outlays, invoicing and Receipting

Wise Owl Legal provides the perfect solution for compliant law firm billing. 

Law firms have very specific needs when it comes to invoicing, driven by both clients needs and stringent legislative requirements.  We give you an invoicing module that presents your critical information in a customisable manner, so you can create an invoice that works for you. 

The draft invoice can be edited at invoicing time to fix up typos and anything else that you didn’t notice earlier. 

Once you have invoiced the client, it is then passed to your accounting software which will keep track of customer payments. 

Unlike many of our competitors, both invoices and receipts are entered into Wise Owl Legal and then passed to your accounting package, currently either QuickBooks Online or Xero.  This enables you to run both Accrual and Cash reports from QuickBooks Online or Xero, depending on your needs on the day.  Your external accountant is happy too, because they don’t need to learn any legal terminology as everything they need is in QuickBooks Online or Xero.  

Efficient, regular invoicing keeps the modern law firm in control of their cash flow!


Our time recording module assists you, the busy lawyer, to keep your finger on the pulse.

Easy to read live productivity graphs make it easy for you, the modern lawyer, to be sure you are achieving your budget. These graphs will give the practice owner a view of the whole firm, while the employed solicitors will only see the productivity of themselves and those they manage. Wise Owl’s productivity reporting ensures your staff and your firm stay on top of the essential productivity indicators. 

The time billing function of Wise Owl Legal provides a visual indicator of how much billable time has been accrued throughout the day, further ensuring billing targets are met. 

Wise Owl Legal Software also provides you with outlay capabilities, law specific invoices and payment tracking


Wise Owl Legal has a wide range of reports.  Our friendly help desk team will point you in the right direction if you have specific needs at any time.

Additional reports can be requested by contacting the help desk. 

The Tool Bar

The tool bar is helpful for fast navigation to aid you complete the next step in your days work.

The Utility Bar

The utility bar shows today’s productivity; prints the current page; gives you access to log a support request; gives you instant access to help for the page you are on; and logs you out for the day when all is done.

Outlook Helper

The outlook helper allows you to save email into Wise Owl Legal

System Settings

The setting icon takes you to the vast array of customisations.

Wise Owl is fully customisable and has the power to let the business owner control who has access to each part of the program.

The Welcome Screen

Our friendly Welcome screen