Wise Owl Legal as an alternative to Lexis Affinity

How do they compare?

Wise Owl Legal is the Top Lexis Affinity Alternative:  

Organise your legal practice better with Wise Owl Legal

Meet a customisable, user friendly, intuitive, legal practice management software cost effective alternative to Leap Legal that saves you time and money and keeps your data fully accessible by you at all times.  

On this page we compare the key differences between Lexis Affinity and Wise Owl Legal focusing on features and user experience.  By examining these aspects side by side, we’ll provide you with your insights needed to choose the best practice management software that aligns with your team’s requirements.

Why look for a Lexis Affinity alternative? 

    • You want a cloud-based product that allows you to have sessions on the go, wherever you are
    • You want an Intuitive product that is flexible
    • A Flexible Lexis Affinity Alternative that moves with you in your busy world
    • Showing coding to users in reports confuses them
    • Affinity Functionality is quite rigid
    • Transactions and Journals, once posted, cannot be changed
    • Affinity reports can be complex to run and read. 

This page is from a review of version xxx on <date> of Lexis Affinity Software.

Benefits of Wise Owl Legal Compared to Lexis Affinity

Safe Custody
Time Recording
Fixed Fee Billing
Clock Timer
for Time Recording
Trust Accounting
Cloud Product
General Ledger
Reporting Options
Document Management
Lexis Affinity
Windows in house server only
Available on a Contact
Import bank records from .csv and then match to records imported
Online Help System with login (searching difficult)
Ticketing and appointment system
Installed on in-house decicated Windows server; not cloud based
requires ongoing Windows Maintenance and backups at clients cost
General Ledger inbuilt. Financials on Accrual basis only; difficult to reconcile between income on cash basis and cash based GST report.
Import bank records from .csv and then match to records imported.
Need to reconcile end of month before adding data in the new month
Need to reconciled year end before entering data in new year
Troubleshooting ability is limited
Auto-matching can result in errors
Based on simultaneous users
When choosing report parameters Computer Code is visible to users when setting up reports which can be off putting
Powerful with legal content included
Online Help System with login (searching difficult)
Wise Owl Legal
Enjoy the flexibility of working on eihter Windows or Mac and the convenience of being able to view your work from most devices
Designed for cloud software; intuitive and easy to navigate
Based on packets that are held on behalf of clients; Not related to matters.
Very powerful ; customisable layouts
ability to print / edit draft bills
Based on hours OR 1 OR 6 OR 10 OR 15 minute units; can be set per fee earner
Flexible ; can be stand alone or combined with time billing
Coming in late 2023
Law Society Approved; User Friendly ; Intuitive adjustements; lawyer friendly terminology; Intuitive reports
4 hour turnaround on email support; Phone support available; Accounting support available from support desk
Cloud system no workstation installation
Integrates directly with QuickBooks or Xero so your Accountant can stay away from your practice management and prepare your external financials in a system they are familiar with
Can enter data in new month before reconciling prior month
Intuitive, lawyer friendly terminology
Based on simultaneous users
Extensive reporting libray; Report parameters all in plain English ; ability to save favourites
Very powerful; merges directly to MS Word; Save directly from Word into the cloud by hitting save!
Extremely helpful
Context sensitive help;
Extensive library of diagrams, videos and FAQ's
Updated Regularly