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Wise Owl Legal is the flexibile alternative to Leap Legal that allows you to maximise your productivity 

How do they compare?   

Wise Owl Legal is the top Leap Legal Alternative:  

Organise your legal practice better with Wise Owl Legal

Meet a customisable, user friendly, intuitive, legal practice management software that outsides Leap Legal and saves you money. 

While Leap Legal is considered by many as a market leader, it is no secret that many users have issues around bulk access to documents, limited fields and the accounting integration.

On this page, we compare the key differences between Leap Legal and Wise Owl Legal focusing on features and user experience.  By examining these aspects side by side, we’ll provide you with your insights needed to choose the best practice management software that aligns with your team’s requirements.

Bulk accessing of documents in Leap can be difficult and or costly.

The accounting integration between Leap and either MYOB or Xero is basic.  It does not facilitate managers or external accountants viewing both cash reports or accrual reports.  The decision is made for either cash or accrual at the beginning and that will determine if the integration is based on invoices or receipts.  

This integration is affected by journal entry, which means you don’t have the benefit of cash and accrual accounting in your accounting system.  For a growing business, it could mask key business indicators.

Integration of income is available on Cash or Accruals basis NOT both.

This page is from a review of version xxx on <date> of Leap Legal Software.

Benefits of Wise Owl Legal compared to Leap Legal

Document Access
Safe Custody
Time recording
Fixed Fee Billing
Clock timer
for Time recording
Trust Accounting
View of bank rec adjustments
Management of Bank Rec Adjustments
Cloud product
General Ledger
Leap Legal
Windows only
Merges into MS Word; Unable to backup to external drive
Limited access from front end; back up data needs to be performed by Leap technicians
Based on 6 minute Units
Available; Must delete adjustments to ‘mark off’ resulting in missing history
3 lines at a time
Delete the adjustment entry when it has been resolved.
Submit support ticket or use chat
Requires workstation installation
Integrates with Xero by sending across journals EITHER on Accrual or Cash basis, limiting your accountant’s financial analysis
Based on named users
Wise Owl Legal
Enjoy the flexibility of working on eihter Windows or Mac and the convenience of being able to view your work from most devices
Very powerful; merges directly to Microsoft Word; Uses Office 365 functionality
Can backup easily from Windows Explorer onto external drive
We show you how to access your document store and back up all your documents ever created in Wise Owl Legal on set up
Based on packets that are held on behalf of clients; Not related to matters.
Very powerful; Multiple layouts; Customisable invoice styles
Based on hours OR 1 OR 6 OR 10 OR 15 minute units; can be set per fee earner
Option to set up as many Fixed Fee items as you want
Coming in late 2023
All trust records, once saved, cannot be edited. Adjustment notes are entered as temporary transactions that are reversed the next period
Unlimited - the screen grows as list of transactions grow
Separate Reversal entries generated
4 hour turnaround on email support; Phone support available
Cloud system no workstation installation
Integrates directly with QuickBooks or Xero so your Accountant can stay away from your practice management and prepare your external financials in a system they are familiar with. Posts transactional data to allow for maximum financial analysis
Based on simultaneous users