The Best SILQ Solicitor Alternative

Don’t let SILQ Solicitor’s set format and single browser tab limit your productivity

How do SILQ and Wise Owl Legal Practice Management compare?

Organise your legal practice with Wise Owl Legal

Meet a customisable, user friendly, intuitive, legal practice management software that outsides Leap Legal and saves you money. 

On this page we compare the key differences between SILQ and Wise Owl Legal Practice Management focusing on features and user experience.  By examining these aspects side by side, we’ll provide you with your insights needed to choose the best practice management software that aligns with your team’s requirements.

Why look for a SILQ Alternative in the first place?

  • You want software that can be dynamic and work with current browser technology – Multiple tabs on your browser!
  • You want the flexibility of fully customisable software and unlimited custom fields to use 
  • You want the support of Qualified Accountants 
  • Dynamic context sensitive help with text video and diagrams
  • Ability to back up your documents and access them with or without Wise Owl Legal

Wise Owl is a Flexible SILQ Alternative with Many Extra Customisation Features. Wise Owl is an alternative to SILQ that gives you the freedom to organise your data, with your preferred lists and options, saving you time and money.

This page is from a review of version xxx on <date> of SILQ Software.

Benefits of Wise Owl Legal Versus SILQ

Modules in
base price
Additional modules
Volume of templates
Multiple contacts
per matter
Multiple Addresses
Multiple email
address types
Multiple phone
number types
Open Browser tabs
Related Contacts
Custom Fields
Access to backup Documents
Precedents with
Legal Content
Outlook integration
Method of
Cash or Accrual
Cash or Accrual GST
Search Integration
Document storage
Is accounting support
Introductory Pricing?
Contract term
Pricing for additional
Is accounting support
Lifetime pricing?
Written for Law Firms?
Help System?
Trust | Billing
Precedents - add on fee per user $45
400+ forms and documents
One screen per user
Appears Limited
Via SILQ contacts
Xero ; MYOB
Info track
Office 365; Google Drive; Dropbox
Australian Phone support
Started as a Barrister system
Online help available
Wise Owl Legal
Enjoy the flexibility of working on eihter Windows or Mac and the convenience of being able to view your work from most devices
ALL Modules in Monthly Price | Trust Accounting | Time & Fee Recording| Extremely Flexible Billing | Receipting | Document Management | Document Templates | Court Forms | Workflow | Safe Custody
All included in monthly price
Ever growing - over 4,000 includes most court forms and public domain documents pre-polulated with matter fields to expedite document producttion
1 primary contact per matter; ability to have multiple clients per matter ; Unlimited additional contacts on any matter
Unlimited addresses on any contact
Unlimited email addresses on any contact
Unlimited phone numbers on any contact
Unlimited browser tabs open at any time
Unlimited - used extensively in document templates; very useful when writing to other side or other providers on matter
Unlimited - used extensively in document templates ; no additional programming required to create additional custom fields
We map a drive to the document store and you can access all documents with out with out Wise Owl Legal
4000+ templates Standard letters included ; all forms for your jurisdiction included
We add in your proprietary templates to your database for a small fee
Wise Owl integrates with outlook; email can be sent from Outlook or Wise Owl Legal
QuickBooks Online ; Xero
Wise Owl Invoices 🡪 QBO / Xero invoices; Wise Owl Receipts 🡪 QBO / Xero receipts
Allowing for your choice of cash or accrual accounting at any time.
Both – no setting required
Both – no setting required
Dye Durham ; InfoTrack coming Sept 2023
Microsoft based ; Ability to back up documents any time and run without Wise Owl
Australian Phone support; Email phone support; Extensive help library
Yes from Qualified Accountants - generally within 4 hours (for a small fee)
New Firm? Please talk to us about out special offer for you
None; Month to month subscription
All modules included in fee per simultaneous user
Yes from Qualified Accountants - generally within 4 hours
The price you sign up for in 2023 is you lifetime price per simultaneous user
Written specifically to improve efficiency in Law Firms
Online help ; Context sensitive pages; how to guides; FAQ's ; Video help; diagrams and more!