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Wise Owl Legal is the Top PC Law Alternative   

Organise your legal practice better with Wise Owl Legal

Meet a customisable, user friendly, intuitive, legal practice management software that outclassses PC Law and empowers your law firm to grow.

Wise Owl Legal has been written in the cloud using state of the art development tools and has a clearly defined road map to stay aligned with best practice technology.

​PC Law was written in the 1980’s, and was way ahead of its time then in the 1980’s. Since being sold by Alumni Computer in 2007, PC Law has been only updated to ensure it could continue to run on current platforms, but the actual workings of the system  has not had any significant enhancements. 


PC Law was 1st developed as a university project in 1982.

It was sold by Alumni Computer Group  to Lexis Nexis in 2007

PC Law Version 8 released in 2008 – some firms still have old XP computers running version 8, which is a security risk

PC Law version 14 was released about 2 years ago, stable & OK

PC Law version 16 released approximately 2017 or 2018 was very unstable.

Some law firms in the US are rolling back to version 14 due to extensive issues in later versions.

This page is from a review of version xxx on <date> of Lexis Nexis PC Law Software.

Benefits of Wise Owl Legal compared to PC Law

Matter Management
Contact Management
Compliant invoicing
Document Management
Time Recording
Clock Timer for Time recording
Fixed Fee Billing
Settlement Calculator
Trust Accounting
Tracking of client
outlays/ disbursements
Access for
external accountant
Accounting for Tax
Bank Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation
Safe Custody
Custom Fields for
document integration
Help system
PC Law
Windows only
One Re Line per Matter
One Contact per matter
Customisable invoices
Yes, powerful, flexible
Based on hours
General Ledger in PC Law; rekeying required for external reporting.
Can't Reprint bank reconciliation Reports once reconciliation rolled
Confusing - you need to use a screen called "New Errors"
Not Available
Old Technology Patched to run on current operating systems
Very limited
Product has been sunsetted.
Only from reducing number of External Consultants
Manual provided in PDF or Hard Copy
Wise Owl Legal
Enjoy the flexibility of working on eihter Windows or Mac and the convenience of being able to view your work from most devices
Three "Re" Lines
Abbreviated Matter Name
Multiple name fields
Unlimited custom fields that integrate with documents
Multiple Contacts on a matter; Customisable list of Multiple addresses on a contact; Customisable list of Phone and Email contact details
Fully compliant
Invoices configured to your specification as part of set up.
Sophisticated Document management; Customisable User Fields
Very powerful, flexible, customisable
Based on hours OR 1 OR 6 OR 10 OR 15 minute units; can be set per fee earner
Coming late 2023
Yes; with or with out time costing
Sophisticated template system based on Word Merge
Basic Workflow ; advanced workflow due June 2023
Self calculating settlement calculator
Solid. Great Trust accounting
Lawyer friendly bank reconciliation
General Ledger is run in Accountant’s choice of QuickBooks Online or Xero
Reports can be printed any time
Lawyer friendly words to describe the entry needed; Wise Owl Legal does the accounting for you!
Attached to Contacts; which allows you to save Safe custody packets even when no matters are open
Cloud technology; will run on most current browsers
Custom Field sets for generic matter types provided; Extensive customisation available.
Australian and US based support
4 hour turnaround on email support
Phone support available
Support from Accountants available as needed
Extensive online help system constantly being updated; includes written help with screen shots; system diagrams; very short video tutorials (QuickVids); longer videos 3 - 10 minutes and copies of masterclasses giving deep dive on a topic.