The Best ATOM Alternative

Wise Owl Legal is the flexibile alternative to ATOM that allows you to maximise your productivity

How do they compare?  

Wise Owl Legal is the top ATOM Alternative:  

Organise your legal practice better with Wise Owl Legal

Meet a customisable, user-friendly, intuitive, legal practice management software that is a cost effective alternative to ATOM that includes all modules in a single monthly subscription. 

On this page we compare the key differences between ATOM and Wise Owl Legal focusing on features and user experience.  By examining these aspects side by side, we’ll provide you with your insights needed to choose the best practice management software that aligns with your team’s requirements.

ATOM is owned by Dye Durham who are primarily information brokers. 

ATOM focusses on Accounting, back end general ledger accounting and Australian payroll inlcuded.  This is unusual as there is significant work involved in keepting payroll compliant and most practice management vendors opt to leave payroll to the payroll specialists so they can focus on the legal specific features.  

Document management is not part of the core offering of ATOM, it is an additional integration.

 Support for ATOM was formerly provided by the principal of Intelligent Concepts Pty Ltd, prior to its purchase by Dye & Durham.   

This page is from a review of a users exprieence  of ATOM Software in November 2023. 

Benefits of Wise Owl Legal compared to ATOM

Document Access
Export to PDF
Scan in Physical Documents
Safe Custody
Time recording
Fixed Fee Billing
Clock timer
for Time recording
Trust Accounting
View of bank rec adjustments
Management of
Bank Rec Adjustments
Help Resources
Cloud product
General Ledger
Number of Users
Data Soverignity
Cloud based
via API to Box
Not included
Wise Owl Legal
Enjoy the flexibility of Windows or Mac and the convenience of being able to view your work from most devices
Very Flexible
Multiple addresses
Multiple phone & email contacts
Very flexible
Multiple Re Lines
Unlimited custom fields
Part of Contacts module
Very powerful; merges directly to Microsoft Word using Office 365
Can Backup easily from Windows Explorer onto external drive
We show you how to access your document store and back up all your documents ever created in Wise Owl Legal on set up
Email from Matter
Integration with Outlook
Based on packets that are held on behalf of clients;
Not related to matters.
Very powerful; Multiple layouts; Customisable invoice styles
Based on hours OR 1 OR 6 OR 10 OR 15 minute units; can be set per fee earner
Option to set up as many Fixed Fee items as you want
Coming in early 2024
All trust records, once saved, cannot be edited. Adjustment notes are entered as temporary transactions that are reversed the next period
Unlimited - the screen grows as list of transactions grow
Separate Reversal entries generated
4 hour turnaround on email support;
Phone support available
Easy access to Accountant where needed
Amazing documentation
Context sensitive help on every page
Video tutorials
FAQ's and Diagrams
Descriptive instuctions with screen shots
Cloud system no workstation installation
Integrates directly with QuickBooks or Xero so your Accountant can stay away from your practice management and prepare your external financials in a system they are familiar with.
Posts transactional data to allow for maximum financial analysis
Available early 2024
Based on Similtaneous Users; All modules included
No long term contracts
ALl modules inclded in Subscription
Based on simultaneous users