Enjoying Economical phones!

My phone costs to run my office phones …….. $150 for call charges in 10 months!!!

You can’t complain about that…….. some of our calls go on for an hour!!! Yea for www.siptalk.com.au !

It pains me when I see the big phone bills in the books of my clients.

We use www.siptalk.com.au  and we use Cisco handsets, which, staff from Siptalk have taught me to configure from a computer.

You set up an account online, set up the phone extension and call groups

They can give you a 1300 number OR you pick a phone number to port to their service (after VOIP phones are set up) and that connect to the system.

Our phone number 07 3422 1333 was our land line in 2014 – which we ported to siptalk.com.au – a form you send to Telstra and wait a week for.  They helped me all the way.  We have since added a second land line.

We tried both Cisco and Yealink handsets.  Cisco won hands down.   The handsets we love are:

                    ** Pricing at 30 September 2019 incl GST

We configure buttons to see who is on the phone.  If staff work from home, they plug in a Cisco phone I have configured, they can see when who is on the phone and answer calls just like they were in the office.

The icing on the cake features include:

  • If we go to a conference we can answer our office phones on our mobiles on just by logging into the sipltalk website and changing the configuration from a browser.
  • When overseas, from a wifi connection, I can make calls from my mobile just as if you are here in Australia
  • For those who outsource, you can set up your outsourced person on this system just like they were in your office.
  • We have connected our phones with the Wise Owl developer in Sydney so we can transfer phone calls internally between the two offices!


About me


Hi, my name is Karen McDonald and I am a qualified accountant and probably best known as owner of Cascade Consulting a business that has helped many business (including a lot of law firms) over the last 20 years.

I run an accounting and tax practice, where we aim to empower our clients to understand their finances and lighten the load of compliance.

In 2011, I founded Wise Owl Legal Practice Management as a response to seeing so many lawyers caught up with the struggle of old out of date inefficient software. I believe software should lighten your load and empower you to focus on your core mission.

If you would like to learn more about how I could help your law firm in any of the consulting, accounting or practice management spaces, please click here to book a complimentary chat with me.


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