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Hello!  I am Karen McDonald, founder of Cascade Accounting & Tax and Wise Owl Legal Practice Management Software.  I have also been referred to as “The Wise Owl”

Today I had a law firm client phone up my accounting practice.  Her trust account was out of balance.   She installed an overseas system last year, she is finding they are really hard to contact for support.  31 March is the end of the Trust accounting year and she is anxious to get her system ready for audit.  

I have booked to resolve her issues next week.

It left me thinking about the Wise Owl Legal difference. Here at Wise Owl Legal we agree with clients to install your new system; we often agree to complete a data conversion and most importantly we are there for you for the life of your business.

As your consultant, we see our role as the specialist is to:

(1) Understand the deliverables and agree with you on the outcome
(2)  Organise with you to get from you what we need
(3)  Agree with you how we will get from you what we need
(4)  To make it happen. 

You are a lawyer – a specialist in your field.  We have a different specialty and are supplying that service to you.

Setting up your system

When you engage us to install your system, we commit to do it.  No we can’t run a legal matter, but yes we know how to set up your system to maximise your efficiency and then hand it over to you.  We recommend the most efficient way to complete this important task and make sure we hand it over to you ready for you to enjoy the increased efficiency.

Data Conversion

Do you need a data conversion?  Yes we have a lot to say about the preparation of your data; there are alot of checks and balances – we set out the things you need to do and the things we will do and provide it to you in writing. We agree and move forward.  As your consultant it is our job to get it right.   We even provide to you a dropbox folder of reports that proves to your accountant and auditors the figures in the old system and in the new system.  We are your consultants and need you to be confident that all the checks and balances are done for you when we are engaged to complete your data conversion.


When you contact us for support you are speaking to people who use the system day in; day out.  People who have pushed it as hard as you will. When your issue is resolved, you will have the fix; plus we will follow up with a link to an online help article so you can refer to the solution if you need it in the future. 

Does this sound like the support you need for your legal practice management system?  If so contact us on [email protected] – or call me on +61 40 999 2317.

About Me

Hi, My name is Karen McDonald, I am a business analyst and accountant with a passion and strong focus on efficient business systems to empower business owners to focus more on delivering great value to their clients.

In 2011, I founded Wise Owl Legal Practice Management as a response to seeing so many lawyers caught up with the struggle of old out of date inefficient software. I believe software should lighten your load and empower you to focus on your core mission. As a qualified accountant and tax agent, many of you will know me from my consulting business commenced in 1997, Cascade Consulting Services Pty Ltd (Cascade).

Cascade has helped many businesses, including many law firms, over the last 20+ years, some in the software applications consulting space, others in the accounting and tax practice space as well. Fundamentally in our accounting business, we aim to empower our clients to better run their administration more efficiently; eliminate redundant processes, and understand their finances and lighten the load of compliance.

If you would like to learn more about how I could help your law firm become more efficient, please book a discovery call with me at or contact me at [email protected] or contact me by cell phone / mobile phone on +61 40 999 2317.

Mostly I am in GMT +10 time zone.

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